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The web shop at has been developed by SAV Winery AB, and SAV Winery AB is responsible for the service as a whole. SAV Winery AB has the organisation number 556514-0521. 

The terms and conditions and policies provided at apply to the use of our services, purchase of our products and processing of your registered user information. By agreeing to the terms and conditions at checkout you accept the terms that were in effect at the time of your checkout. 

To be able to access the contents of our website and make an order you must be over the age of 20 and be qualified to make a purchase according to our terms and conditions. 

To be able to make a purchase in our web shop you must register your real information. It is strictly forbidden to say that it is someone else making the purchase than the person actually ordering. To be able to abide by the laws on minimum age for the purchase of alcohol in different countries you will be asked to enter your personal number when making an order. For more information about how we handle your personal information, see "Storage of personal information". 


All content - images, text and video - at is protected by copyright, trademark protection or other immaterial rights. The content may not be used in other contexts than at without the written consent of SAV Winery AB. It is NOT allowed to copy, change, distribute, publish or in any other way use the content that is the legal property of SAV Winery AB. 


The products at are sold at specified prices as long as we have the product in stock. SAV Winery AB has the right to wholly or partly refuse an order for a product that is not in stock, or one that will not return to stock. SAV Winery AB does not take responsibility for any errors in pricing or other terms and conditions. 

An order is binding when we have confirmed your order and sent you an order confirmation by e-mail. In normal cases an order confirmation will be sent within an hour of your checkout time. If you have provided an incorrect e-mailaddress when ordering, and thus do not receive an order confirmation, your order is still considered valid. 


When your order has been confirmed, delivery of your order will be performed by one of SAV Winery AB shipping partners. Please note that delivery is not available to addresses in Sweden or other monopoly markets. Normal delivery time is 1-4 days. If your order can not be delivered within normal delivery time SAV Winery AB will notify you of an updated delivery time as soon as possible. If your delivery is delayed because the product is not in stock you have the right to cancel your order. Please note that this does NOT apply to delays caused by a courier or shipping company or other external factors beyond SAV Winery AB's control.


If your order can not be delivered because you are not available at the time of delivery you will be liable for all extra costs that arise for us to complete your delivery. This liability also applies if delivery can not be made because you lack proper legal identification. In failed delivery cases such as the above it its your responsibility to contact SAV Winery AB to schedule a new time for delivery. If you do not contact SAV Winery within 7 days from the original time of delivery, SAV Winery AB has the right to return the goods to our own warehouse at your expense. 


To be able to sign for and receive a delivery you must be able to identify yourself and prove that you are over the age of 20. If you send someone else to pick up your order both your own and the other person's ID must be presented and both of you must be over the age of 20. 


If your order is delivered in packaging that has been damaged or if the goods in the package have been damaged, it is important that you notify us of this at as soon as possible. If your goods have been damaged during shipping we will replace them at no cost by sending you replacements. If the outer packaging has been damaged it is important that you take pictures of the damaged packaging at the time of delivery, BEFORE the packaging is opened, so that we can claim compensation from the shipping company.



You can pay by credit card, VISA and Mastercard, by Stripe (learn more at, and via PayPal within all countries that we deliver to in the EU. In the Netherlands you can also pay by iDeal (learn more at We do not accept cash or invoice payments at the moment. 


If you are not satisfied with your purchase for any reason, you have the right to return your order to us within 14 days from the time of receipt and thereby cancel your order without having to state a reason. To exercise this right the product must be in unused condition and that the packaging must not be opened/broken.  

If you want to return your order you need to contact and clearly state your name, address and order number. The goods should be returned to SAV Winery AB within 14 days from registration of your wish to return your order. You will bear the cost of return shipping and are responsible for packaging the goods correctly. You will get your money back in the same way payment was made at your original purchase. 


SAV Winery AB produces high quality wine and it is of the highest importance to us that you receive your order in good condition. If you should receive a product that tastes badly or has any other defects we will compensate you free of charge with a replacement or your money back. Please state your claim to

We will only replace and compensate you for the specific damaged goods, not for any other costs or damages. 


SAV Winery AB is responsible to make sure all applicable taxes and fees are paid correctly according to EU's laws and regulations. 


It is absolutely prohibited to use in any way that can damage or overload the site or impair the user experience. It is not allowed to log in with another persons credentials. Any attempt to hack into our platform or try to manipulate information will be reported to the police. 


We reserve the right to refuse purchase for people who have not paid for previous orders correctly or that in some way have misused the functions on the website. You may also be refused a purchase if you provide false age information. 


The terms and conditions provided at may at any time be changed or adjusted because of changes in stock, laws and regulations or governmental decisions. If a change affects an ongoing order you have the right to cancel it because of the change. The new terms and conditions will be considered accepted by you if you do not notify us that you want to cancel your order because of the change. 


SAV Winery AB is not liable for any delayed or missing deliveries that are beyond our direct control, or that have been affected by external factors that significantly impact our ability to fulfil the delivery. This can be things such as war, fires, labour conflicts/strikes, communication errors or governmental actions that limit our ability to fulfil our obligations. If such events occur SAV Winery AB will inform you about the situation and how it will affect your order. If the delay is more than 3 months both you and SAV Winery AB have the right to cancel the order. 


Disputes are to be settled first and foremost by discussion and negotiation. If situations arise where it is not possible to reach an agreement, the dispute shall be settled in a Swedish court of law. 


Our products contain alcohol and should be consumed responsibly. Excessive consumption may cause serious damage to your health. SAV Winery AB is not responsible for any direct or indirect damages caused by the consumption of our products. 

Please drink responsibly at all times!

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