Swedish excellence

We saw a unique opportunity to create a new sparkling wine based on an old recipe by sustainably harvesting birch sap from the forest in the north of Sweden.



Challenging the world of wines

A few years ago, a couple of friends and entrepreneurs saw an opportunity to introduce something new to the world of sparkling wines. Others had attempted this before but with poor results. So something had to be done differently this time. 

Rather fast we identified the most important factor for success – knowledge! To be able to produce a great birch wine we need someone with knowledge, experience and the will to guide us. We contacted Lars Torstensson and got him on board with the project. We were then brave enough to start producing our new birch wine. 

The second most important factor was volume. To be able to make the birch wine we needed to invest in machinery, staff and facilities. To make those investments worthwhile we had to achieve production volumes large enough to supply the whole world. 


Birch wine from the nature and with nature in mind

Our raw material, birch sap, is very pure and clean and comes straight from nature. The forest where our birch trees are harvested is a part of the untouched nature of northern Scandinavia. The forest is naturally free from pesticides and year after year we can harvest the sap without hurting nature affecting nature in a negative way.

We use only organic ingredients and make sure our birch wine is both organic and vegan. Our production method makes the birch wine without sulfites, so we can confidently say that this is probably one of the purest wines you will ever experience.

Our goal is to place the district of SAV on the world map of sparkling wines. 



A wild hearted but professional approach

Enthusiastic entrepreneurs and seasoned international vinification experts make the perfect blend


Christian Karlsson

The perceptive and engaged engine of the company. A visionary with lots of ideas. 


Lars Torstensson

The true wine pro and the guide on our road to the excellence of SAV 1785. 


Bengt Strenge

The rational and experienced balance. Makes ideas and visions possible to achieve. 


Mikael Wrang

The competitive and fearless marketing and sales force. Loves to win more than he hates to loose.